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We also have a dedicated phone number so you can listen to latest recorded service at 717-899-4JOY (4569).

Make every day a day to connect with Jesus!


Donations can be made in person, by mail or through online giving.



Worship Bulletin

Message: Jaye Bartle

Diaconal Minister of Music: Linda Peppernick

Accompanist: Ben Schellhase

Soloist: Jackson Stahl


The altar flowers are from Susie Kunkle and family in loving memory of Bob Kunkle, Pap and Helen Kunkle, and Earl and Laura Knouse.

Traditional Order of Worship

Contemporary Order of Worship

Church Announcements


New Sunday Morning Study

Faith & Fellowship Sunday School Class will begin a 9-week study on Jesus and the Disciples as portrayed in the TV series "The Chosen" beginning on Sunday June 30th at 10:00 am. Week 1 will be an overview of Jesus' Disciples followed by lessons encompassing the 8 episodes of season 1. If you would like to join us, please consider doing so. We will simply ask that you watch the appropriate episode each week before we meet. Faith & Fellowship meets in the basement with plenty of room for more. If you have questions or need some information on how to access The Chosen, please contact Doug Harbach at 717-514-6498 or at


Children's Ministry

Little Lights and Sparks Early Childhood Ministry

Summer kids' programming at FUMC is happening on Thursday mornings as part of the Hungry Hearts Ministry. VBS Kingdom Seeker Cadets and other First Church friends are invited to join the kids at Hungry Hearts for Zak's Gadgets - an activity and lesson based on the VBS program.

Bring your Bible from VBS!
Parents are welcome.

June 27 10am in the FLC we will be making Lava Lamps!

2023-2024 First Lights Permission Form
Family Worship FAQs

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Youth Group

Illuminate Youth meet Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM.

 Youth Mission Trip -- The youth are heading to Philadelphia on June 23-29 to serve with the Philly Project. We are in need of an additional adult female who is willing to drive and participate with us for the week. Please contact Collin if you are interested/available!

Signups for the Impact Festival (July 24-28) are available now! Students in 6th-12th grades who would like to participate may sign up by contacting Collin, or by signing up in the youth room. Ticket prices are $100 if you pay before May 1, and increase to $140 after that time. We never want cost to be a hurdle for participating in an event. If this presents any issue to you, please contact Collin. Thank you!

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College Students Group

College Students

Pray for college students as they begin summer jobs and internships. Pray that in whatever, they do, they witness for Christ to everyone they meet.



Hungry Hearts

Clothing Ministry is in need of infant clothing sizes 6 months to 18 months, lightweight blankets, king & queen sheets, and new underwear for all ages and sizes.

We are running low on plastic bags! These are used for our weekly food pantry. Any plastic bags you could return to us or donate would be appreciated!


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Women Connect


July 20, 2024 - we are looking at this day to potentially host another Ladies Spa Event. This is the same day as ChamberFest Downtown, so lots of people will be out & about.   Last year we painted nails, had a barber cutting hair, had wonderful conversations with ladies in the community and shared healthy refreshments at the church!  We will need a lot of help from our Women Connect ladies to make this happen.
More info and sign ups coming, if we proceed with this event & have enough help.
August 17, 2024 - Morning at the McIntire Farm (Details Coming)


WIN Wish List - Win Victim Services is in need of an infant car seat, wood platform bed frames, and consumable items. There is a list of current needs clipped to a box marked "WIN donations" by the welcome desk. You are invited to take a picture of the list or visit their site:  If you purchase items from the website, please mark the quantity purchased. Monetary donations can be given to Pam Reed. Collected money will be used to purchase a car seat first. Donations of items can be placed in the box or given to Pam.

Women Connect

Team Haiti/Missions

Haiti Gifts in Honor of Pastor Steve—

Thanks to many of you for your gifts in honor of Pastor Steve Livermore’s retirement. $4,740 has been received for the Haiti Mission. Contributions can still be received.

-Joyce Horst, Treasurer for the Haiti Mission Fund

Mission Central needs:

Hand towels, children's books (all ages), travel size body wash, nail clippers, zip lock gallon size bags, heavy duty black trash bags, toothpaste, wash cloths, combs, toothbrush ( single packages please)

Pastoral Care Ministries

GriefShare -

How will GriefShare help you? When a loved one dies, it can feel like you’re alone.  Few people understand how painful and isolating your grief can be.  But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer by yourself. At GriefShare, you’ll find a safe, comforting place where you can talk with others about your grief.  You’ll find support, direction, and guidance on how to make it through.

GriefShare Support group is currently on summer break. For more information or to register, call Gail at 717-263-8491 ext. 207.

Loss of a Spouse

Visit Pastoral Care Ministries

Music & Worship




Prayers for Healing

Susan Livermore's sister, Jamie.

Bill Holland

Dottie Vidal

Helen Rice

Karen Brennan

Doris Bitner

Erma Collins

Linda Peppernick

Delores Burkhart

Kathy Paul [Claremont Rehab]

Brian Barnes

Dianne Salter

Sharri Ewing

Denzil Heckman

Bob Foor

Don Ardery

Sue Kitting

John Kitting

Louis Hill

Timothy Thomas


Wanda Levengood

Larry Fischer


Reggie Glass

Prayers for Church Ministries, Events and Special projects

First Lights Children's Ministry

Illuminate Youth Ministry

Hungry Hearts Ministry

Illuminate Mission Trip leaves on Sunday

Safety for those in the heat.

Prayers for Members with Long Term Concerns

Dick Jenkins

Lucille Lower

Vicki Leisher

Jane Pensinger

Barb Armstrong

Susie Bulger

Kathy Beaston

Don Ardery

Mary Diehl

Wayne Gettel

Linda Lojacono

Sarah Baker

Bob Thomas

Ann, friend of Glennis Parris

Glennis Parris

Gideon Hill

Leslie Gotwald

Brianna Renshaw

June Maring

Prayers for Members with Long Term Concerns

Gary Gettel

Dave Kauffman

Joan Kauffman

Lori Kelsey

Judy Glass

Chuck Salter

Emmitt Kessinger

Jackie Rock

Georgia Kauffman

Ray Kauffman

Marie Agostinelle

Nathalie Aylesworth

Jack Kramer

Bette Bowers

Wayne Gettel

Pam Shatzer

Jennifer Henderson

Jacob Salter

Prayers of Comfort, Peace and Condolence

Comfort and peace for Delores Burkhart's family and friends as she has entered the Church Triumphant.

Comfort and peace for Alan Parris and family as Alan's father entered the Church Triumphant.

Wisdom, strength and comfort for in-home caregivers.

Families struggling with grief and loss.

Families struggling with housing and financial issues.

Families struggling with reconciliation and forgiveness.

Peace for those dealing with anxiety.

Faith for those who struggle to believe in what they cannot see.

Prayers for Israel

Safe return of hostages

End to Hamas terrorism and torture of Israel and the Jewish people


Steady and consistent Humanitarian aid into the Gaza strip

Relief and end to suffering of the Palestinian people


Setup the FLC for 11 o’clock service: We need teams of 2 or 3 to prep the room for Sunday worship any time after noon on Friday or Saturday morning. 45 minutes would be needed to do this job. If you would like to help, please speak to pastor Steve or email:

Scam Emails Please do not respond to any emails asking you for Urgent help or gift cards which proport to be from the pastor or a staff member.  This is always a scam.

Important Note regarding upcoming events- If you are planning a church event, please contact Stacey in the church office so that we can coordinate all events in the church and are not overlapping ministries. Thank you!

Please contact the church about hospitalizations as we no longer are contacted when parishioners are hospitalized.

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