Joyful Jingle

Joyful Jingle

Shine the light of Christ in the lives of our friends and neighbors this Christmas!

And make meaningful connections with our community, each other and our Savior.

Joyful Jingle is a ministry of First United which allows friends and neighbors to come and select a gift for themselves or others at Christmas time.

Our mission is to bring the feeling of family, joy and love to those most in need.

Joyful Jingle is Friday December 13th

Below are several ways you can help with this ministry:

Volunteer to be a shopping helper the day of Joyful Jingle and make meaningful connections with our friends and neighbors!

Volunteer to set up the night before Joyful Jingle and make meaningful connections with your brothers and sisters at First United!

Volunteer to donate homemade cookies! We all know that meaningful connections often happen when food is involved!

Donate new or crafted items in the $7-$12 range, such as: toys, jewelry, men's slippers, gloves, ice scrapers, bath towels, socks, blankets, books, games, etc. These Christmas gifts will not only be for children, but for our vulnerable adults as well. For many, this is the only gift they receive at Christmas.

All gift and monetary donations are due by December 5th.

Assemble gift baskets in the back of the FLC after the 9:30am service on November 24th, December 1st, and December 8th. Make meaningful connections with your brothers and sisters at First United and with our friends and neighbors when they receive the gift you put together.

Take time and write a few cards with a note explaining that these gifts were provided with God's love. Include a scripture of encouragement and love. No need to put them in an envelope as they will be attached to the gifts our friends choose.

Make a meaningful connection to our friends and neighbors through God's words!

Please put your notes in the Joyful Jingle bin located at the Information Center in the lobby.

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