Communion Liturgy

Process for Communion at Home

1. Once you have checked the schedule for online communion, prepare juice and bread ahead. Grape juice is preferable, but we don’t want you to run to the store risking exposure just for grape juice. If need be, you can use water.

2. Have the elements ready with you at your computer or device.

3. Print out the worship resource (to the right). If you can’t print it out, call the church and ask us to drop one off. If need be, you can do without. If you have a candle, you may light as we enter this time of worship together.

4. The pastor will lead you in a short worship service. Following the liturgy, you will be invited to receive the bread and juice as directed by the pastor.

5. Light a candle (optional).

6. After communion, please be caring of the elements.
a. The bread may be eaten or shared in creation (grass) not concrete.
b. The juice may be drunk or poured on the earth.

Please let Pastor Cathy know if you have any particular concerns. (


For Communion at Home