Team Haiti

Our Mission



To connect the hearts of the children and families in Haiti with the hearts of the congregation of First United through acts of Christian compassion, justice, and sharing Christ together.

Our Story

Team Haiti was birthed in May of 2016. After a lot of prayer and seeking God together, the pastors of First United and Salem UB Haitienne covenanted together to offer scholoarships to children whose families could not afford to send children to school, and who attended a church Bible club in Haiti. That very month, 75 sponsors from First United in Chambersburg, and their friends, stepped forward to send children to school in Haiti, and we discerned God was callling us to open our own School. Thus, School of Hope was born.

In October of 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti leaving six of our students orphaned. Again, seeking God in prayer, we created Kaendra’s Place, which now houses 12 orphans and 2 house parents.

Our time spent in Haiti and our relationships with the people of Haiti have led us into deeper mission. Our efforts to help in diffferent ways are always increasing. We invite you to join us in this growing and expanding field of mission.

School of Hope

At First United, we lovingly refer to our school in Haiti as a School of Hope. Officially we are registered as ‘School to Help the Children of Haiti’.

Thanks to the sponsorships of First United, we are able to keep students safe from human trafficking, as well as give them hope and a better future through education.

Farm of Hope

Our farm in Haiti is located about 30 minutes west/southwest of Petit Goave.

We are able to harvest three different seasons in abundance. We are able to grow mangoes, avocados, beans, yams, some coffee, limes, corn, plantains and pitimi (millet). This farm provides much needed food for Kaendra’s place (our family home for orphans) as well as jobs for those who work on the farm.

Our newest addition? A horse! The horse allows workers to travel impassable roads, as well as carries crops to bigger markets to sell.


Kaendra’s Place

Kaendra’s Place is home to 12 orphans who were rescued after Hurricane Matthew.

Orphans in Haiti, like many underdeveloped countries, are at extreme risk of human trafficking, abuse, and crime. With the help of our Haitian partners, the children at Kaendra’s Place have shelter, food and hope for a better future.


Generous dontations from First United and the community keep our mission going!

Please email us at to speak with our team about sponsorships and donations.

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