We hope you join us for Mission Experience (MX) 2023!

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Opening Worship Sunday June 19
Closing Worship Thursday June 23

Service Projects

High School students will work together on service projects here in Chambersburg and at Mt. Asbury Retreat Center.
Students and other adults able and willing will work in intergenerational groups with their families on projects around and in the church.

Family Nights

When we say 'family' we mean our church family!
Family nights aren't just for parents with kids. Singles, couples, grandparents - everyone will get something out of Family Nights.
Family nights include:
Faith sharing
Small Group discussions


How well do you know our church neighbors?
How well do our neighbors know us?
Have you ever wanted to build relationships with the people who live around the church?
We hope to do all this through Mission Experience.

Everyone can be a part of the Mission Experience at FUMC!


We need members to interact with parents and adults at these events:

Toddler Time

Family Nights

Thursday Festival

Clothing Room

On Thursday June 23 we need people to help Carel Fish with jobs for the clothing room including moving large tubs of clothes from the Napa building to our basement.


Preschool Classroom

After the nursery school closed, the Boys and Girls club used the space for a year and adults have been meeting there, the classroom, our First Look Sunday School Room needs to be de-cluttered, cleaned, and painted so that it is ready to welcome new little ones in the fall!

Kids can wash and clean toys.

Bulletin boards need assembled.

Purge old paperwork.

And more! Plenty of stuff to do for everyone!

Tear Down and Clean Up

After Thursday night worship we need people to tear down the sound and music equipment in Sanctuary and set it up in FLC.

We also need people to clean up the kitchen area and set-up the FLC for Sunday Morning.

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