Do you feel more connected to the cashiers at Target and Kohls than you do to your family during the holidays? Do you spend more time in line at Giant and Walmart than you do celebrating new and old traditions with your loved ones?

If you are feeling disconnected from what truly matters, we invite you to join us – a community of Christ followers who are choosing to make Christmas what it should be—a joyous celebration of Jesus’ birth that enriches our hearts and the world around us.

Connect with us so we can connect you with the tools you need to make Christmas meaningful again.

Join our Advent Conspiracy!



Ready to be a part of the Conspiracy?

Here are some ways you can join us:

Read Advent Conspiracy as a Sunday School Class or Small Group – It’s available on Amazon.

Read along with us using the Daily Scripture Reading list.

Do weekly devotions.

Gather with friends and family every day with our Advent Calendar to read the story of how God sent Joy to the world with the gift of His Son Jesus. After your short reading, there are prompts for you so that you can share Joy with those around you! (Advent Calendars are available at the Information Center in the lobby and here.)

Follow us on Facebook and join us every Sunday night during Advent at 6pm for something special to help you apply the tenets of Advent Conspiracy in personal and practical ways.

First Lights will be learning that Jesus can give us joy no matter what’s happening around us and how the tenets of Advent Conspiracy give us practical ways to find joy even if we don’t feel happy.

The kids’ bulletin will feature Advent Conspiracy puzzles and coloring pages.

And just like every month, the First Lights Facebook (1stlights) page will be full of cues for parents to continue the conversation we start in children’s ministry on Sundays throughout the week at home.

It is our hope that we can make the Advent season meaningful for each of us and that together, we will all grow closer to Christ this Christmas so that we can shine His light in our church, our community and the world!


Take The Gratitude Family Challenge and remember to show gratitude for the people and things you might otherwise take for granted. You can pick up a chart at the information center in our lobby or download it here. Then complete the chart during November in these ways:

OPTION #1: As a family, go through the chart all month long and randomly pick a box. (Note: There isn’t a prompt for every single day of the month. We realize it’s difficult to make this happen every day.) Read a prompt and ask each family member to think of a person or story that comes to mind and share it with everyone around the dinner table, while driving, or make a special time to come together.
OPTION #2: If you can’t physically be together, type out the prompt in a group text.
OPTION #3: If you want to remember your answers, fill in each box with each person’s answers. Or have each person fill in their own chart.
OPTION #4: If possible, send a thank you note, text, email, or handmade card to the people you think about to let them know you are thankful for them.
OPTION #5: Share your responses on social media and tag it #gratitudechallenge.


Come reclaim your spirit as we journey with four women from the scriptures who learned that God is enough.

Stop hurrying...grabbing...overachieving...overscheduling...comparing...hiding...judging...pretending...because...

with God, we are enough.

Not perfect,

but enough.