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Hello Friends,

We wanted to “Connect” with you, even though we have cancelled our regular gathering for Women Connect this weekend (3/21/20).  Here’s what’s happening:

Our topic for March was: Lent/Spring/Easter and we were planning to have a panel of 3 ladies speak about – The Cross (by Sandy James), Forgiveness (by Karen MacWilliams), and Sacrifice (by Paula Hepfer).    They have graciously prepared a version of what they were going to present for us to read, so we could share it with you.   After you read each part, consider these questions:

  1. At what time in your life has “the Cross” been most important to you?
  2. When is a time you were able to “forgive” or someone forgave you?
  3. Has there been a situation where “sacrifice” was important to you?

Enjoy the newness of Spring all around and reflect on your most memorable Easter.  If you had an item to put in our Easter Mission Basket (nail clippers), please hold on to it until the next time we meet.

I pray we can quiet our hearts during this Lenten season, when there is so much anxiety and fear in our world, so God can reveal how we can make His love & forgiveness visible to others.

Our faith reminds us that God’s presence never depends on our situation: God is with us everywhere and always! We may be isolated from one another right now, but we are never alone!  Many things have been cancelled because of the coronavirus; Love is not one of them.   Turn to scripture to calm your soul during these uncertain times and remember, your Women Connect Sister’s in Christ are praying for you - pause just now, and pray for as many “sisters" whose names or faces you remember.

Great is Our God & We are Safe in Him!

Your Women Connect Team,

Dianne, Paula & Robin


The Cross; Forgiveness; Sacrifice.

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